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National SEO

National seo

By now, you may be familiar with how SEO can help your company reach new heights (If not, check out our SEO information page), and you’re curious if National SEO is right for your business. This page outlines who needs National SEO, why they need it, and how we at Search Engine Optimist get it done.

How Do National Seo Differ

National SEO and Local SEO are very similar in approach; however, National SEO focuses less on ranking for specific geographic areas and more on ranking for broad keywords. Also, National SEO is much more competitive, as the number of companies is much greater at the national and global level, especially with broad keywords. Due to the increased effort that National SEO requires, it costs more than Local SEO; however, the ability to extend your reach across the world can greatly expand your customer base, thus, resulting in a hefty positive ROI.

Do you need national seo?

The Internet combined with faster transportation & other tech innovations brings the world closer and closer every day. Even small-to-medium-sized businesses now have the ability to operate across entire countries or even the entire globe. E-commerce businesses have especially thrived in our increasingly tech-driven world. If you own an e-commerce business that would like to expand its customer base, then perhaps you need National SEO. With approximately 93% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, it is very important for companies who depend on online sales to rank highly for relevant keywords.

Why do you need national seo?

The Internet has revolutionized the competitive landscape for modern businesses and how they gain visibility above competitors. Traditional advertising (i.e. paper ads, radio ads, TV ads, etc.) is losing effectiveness over time, and visibility is now largely determined by who has the most optimized website for a search query. SEO is a long-term investment that differentiates a company from its competitors. In today’s tech-driven society, it is crucial for companies to focus on their online presence in order to attract consumers.

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